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Building for Life is the industry standard, endorsed by Government, for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods.

Building for Life stimulates a conversation between local communities, local authorities and developers about creating great places to live.

In partnership with the Home Builders Federation and Design for Homes, an updated version of Building for Life, called Building for Life 12 has be developed. Building for Life 12 reflects a powerful vision of what new housing developments should be: attractive, functional and sustainable places. It is based on the new National Planning Policy Framework and the Government’s commitment to build more homes, better homes and involve local communities in planning.

TransForm Places and our partners offer training and assessments using the new Build for Life 12 system. If you already use the original Building for Life and would like to know how to change over to the new method, or if you are thinking of integrating Building for Life 12 into your practice, then please get in touch.

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