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Avon / Nunn Mills Masterplanning

October 5, 2011adminEnabling

TransForm Places were invited to help WNDC in developing a vision for an important part of Northampton, the area near the waterside that formerly housed the Avon building and other industrial uses but which is intended to become an important residential area with other uses that will expand the town centre.

The area is already subject to various masterplans and visions brought forward independently by developers and landowners and there is a need to bring these together in a coherent plan that not only delivers commercial aspirations but that supports Northampton’s town centre and waterside areas.

Our role was to review the existing masterplanning work, and along with WNDC excellent in-house urban design team we identified the areas of agreement and the areas of conflict. This allowed us to focus the design team effort in the right places. Also, this first step was critical in establishing common ground between the various stakeholder.

Later work involved developing a shared design approach between stakeholders so that the finished project would together deliver on their objectives and so that each development phase would support those adjacent.

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