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Workshop 2, 30th January 2011

February 9, 2012admintewkesbury

The second workshop focused on setting the framework for future development. To do this we utilised the site analysis from the first workshop along with the inspiration from the study visit to lay down the parameters for the sites eventual regeneration.



Witney Site Visit, 12th Dec 2011

December 13, 2011admintewkesbury

Understanding what has worked in other places is a valuable and powerful tool to help inspire new projects. West Oxford District Council’s Phil Shaw kindly agreed to give a presentation on how new development can be harnessed to deliver a catalysis for economic regeneration. The Marriotts Walk scheme has many features that are regarded as best practice for urban designers, such as a mix of uses including residential, well connected and enjoyable public routes, open spaces and good design detail.

The scheme has helped Witney compete with neighbouring towns, and since opening the town has seen a 15% increase in trade across the whole area. All traders have benefited, and the development has been an unmitigated success story. You can see Phil’s presentation below:


Examples of Good Practice

November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

We put together a little selection of examples of what others have done in their towns. Specifically, we wanted to show how larger retail units have been integrated into town centres around the country.


Previous Work: RMF

November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

The work we are doing here is just the latest in a long line of initiatives designed to help Tewkesbury enhance it’s competitive edge and maintain its character. We’ll be putting details of past initiatives here when we have a moment, but in the mean time you can phone either Garry or Sue and talk to them about it.

Witney Site Visit

November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

Witney town centre has successfully integrated a large car park with the High Street, and the results are remarkable. The footfall generated is supporting new uses in the lanes and on the car park edge. Developers are creating new premises. New businesses are moving in, and the car park edge is now home to cafes, restaurants and shops. The planting is a major factor in giving the area a mature, quality feel. The supermarket that makes up one side of the new development is integrated sensitively, forming part of the new street rather than sitting apart. Is there scope for something similar in Tewkesbury?

Below are some images from around the town.

You can look around from the air here:

View Larger Map

Workshop 1, Nov 28th 2011

November 25, 2011adminEnabling, tewkesbury, Training

The first stage of our programme for Spring Gardens / Bishops Walk was to hold a workshop where community ideas could be gathered and best practice could be shared.

The session involved presentations, site visits and workshops including a SWOT analysis that formed the basis of the site analysis.

Also included were examples of best practice from elsewhere to serve as inspiration as to what is possible. Initially the focus was big box retail but as we shall see this soon changed to a mixed scheme with a better balance of uses.

<div style=”width:425px” id=”__ss_10911707″> <strong style=”display:block;margin:12px 0 4px”><a href=”” title=”Tewkesbury examples” target=”_blank”>Tewkesbury examples</a></strong> <iframe src=”″ width=”425″ height=”355″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe> <div style=”padding:5px 0 12px”> View more <a href=”” target=”_blank”>presentations</a> from <a href=”” target=”_blank”>transformplaces</a> </div> </div>


Social Return on Investment (SROI)

November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

Design Council: Building and Grounding an SROI methodology

The original idea for this project arose due to the emerging need to demonstrate value to Government Departments and others, and the desire to focus on what creates this value in order to inform strategy and development at organisational and project levels.

  • The aim of the project is to create value for both internal knowledge and external profiling
  • By strengthening internal thinking and knowledge on:
  • The nature of the impact created by Design Council activities, and for whom it is created
  • What drives this impact and how impact can be maximised
  • How by demonstrating impact with a strengthened set of arguments there is potential to access additional income streams
  • By modelling collaborative behaviours in project development and evaluation that can lead to more effective working
  • By raising the organisation’s external profile which in turn could positively affect:
  • Funding and Partner and stakeholder engagement with this form of analysis increasingly being sought after by Government Departments

Overall the project is designed to drive cultural change towards embedding evaluation and measurement considerations as a core part of Design Council activity.

The Site

November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

The Spring Gardens / Bishops Walk site sits adjacent to Tewkesbury High Street and has the potential to be redeveloped for uses that not only regenerate the immediate area but that can bolster the existing economy.

Below is a photo study of the site, showing the various conditions that exist and the potential for improvement.

Site Plan Download

About the Project

November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

In 2010 Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) was successful in gaining funding from the ‘Spatial Thinking’ theme of Rural Masterplanning Fund (RMF) for consultation on its ongoing masterplanning programme for the town. This series of events identified the importance of empowering local initiatives and community groups in the delivery of the masterplan. It also concluded that an early-win community project would maintain the momentum generated during the very successful stakeholder and community engagement process.

Building on this success, TransForm Places with TBC selected the Spring Gardens/Bishop’s Walk site as a key opportunity for the regeneration of the town centre and applied to the Design Council CABE (DCC) Neighbourhood Projects fund for support. 130 applications were made and we were one of only 7 who were initially awarded funding. We received the maximum of £7000. The budget and timescales are tight but there is an important opportunity over the next 4 months to engage with Community Engagement Advisory Group (CEAG) to set out a clear design and regeneration vision for the site.
Various ideas have already been ‘voiced’ through a visioning exercise but a more comprehensive design and consultation process now needs be undertaken, within the context set by the bigger master plan process for regenerating the whole of Tewkesbury.

The programme:

  • This runs until mid- March 2012
  • November: Workshop 1 – SWOT analysis and aspirations
  • December: Study visit to a comparable town centre to see what has happened elsewhere
  • January: Real or ‘virtual’ workshop to identify design vision and ‘quality criteria’ for developing the site
  • March: Design and development brief
  • April: Submission of final report to DCC

The anticipated outcomes from the process will be:

  • A design and development brief for the site
  • Community design aspirations embedded in the eventual solutions for the area
  • Community engagement with the design principles of better place making
  • January: Real or ‘virtual’ workshop to identify design vision and ‘quality criteria’ for developing the site
  • Raised awareness of the significance of the regeneration and quality of the town centre environment as a whole and how this will benefit local residential neighbourhoods


November 25, 2011admintewkesbury

A StickyRoom provides a secure online space where you can invite colleagues, clients or customers to discuss work with you using virtual sticky notes placed in context, either on or next to the work. The basic StickyRoom is organised by combining the basic three components of collaboration: the people, the work they make, and the discussions and comments about their work, i.e. notes

This is reduced to a simple interface combining an interactive gallery which offers everyone an experience of easily viewing and participating within the room. We plan to use this technology to make sure that everyone has the chance to participate in the consultation process.

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