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Manual for Streets 1

Manual for Streets provides guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, design, provision and approval of new streets, and modifications to existing ones. It aims to increase the quality of life through good design which creates more people-oriented streets. Although the detailed guidance in the document applies mainly to residential streets, the overall design principles apply to all streets within urban areas.

The Manual for Streets has updated geometric guidelines for low trafficked residential streets, examines the effect of the environment on road user behaviour, and draws on practice in other countries. This research undertaken by Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) provides the evidence base upon which the revised geometric guidelines in the Manual for Streets are based, including link widths, forward visibility, visibility splays and junction spacing. Also introduced in Manual for Streets is the Quality Audit which replaces the Safety Audit as the assessment tool for interventions. The Quality Audit ensures that more than just safety is considered during assessment.

We will be running workshops and awareness raising events throughout the year, more details of which can be found on our events calendar here. If you need more information or would like to arrange a Manual for Streets training session then please get in touch here.

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Manual for Streets 2

Manual for Streets 2 – Wider Application of the Principles, a companion guide to Manual for Streets, was published by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation on 29 September 2010.

Manual for Streets 2 builds on the philosophies set out in Manual for Streets and demonstrates through guidance and case studies how they can be extended beyond residential streets to encompass both urban and rural situations. It fills the perceived gap in design advice that lies between Manual for Streets and the design standards for trunk roads as set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. It will help everyone involved in the planning, construction and improvement of our streets to deliver more contextually sensitive designs.

Download it here.

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